Prof John Reynolds

Department of Anatomy, University of Otago.

Contact details: Email, Phone +64 3 4795781

The primary focus of the research performed by the Reynolds group is on unraveling the normal role of synaptic plasticity in movement and learning processes in the striatum and cerebral cortex in vivo. This involves a variety of techniques including electrophysiological recording, electrochemistry, immunohistochemistry and operant behaviour.

Ongoing and recently completed projects include:

  • Developing an in vivo on-demand drug delivery system for the brain with potential application in treating conditions such as Parkinson’s and epilepsy.
  • Investigating the effects of ultrasound on brain tissue.
  • Investigating the use of neuromodulation in a translational stroke study in humans.
  • Investigating the effects of neuromodulation on tinnitus perception.
  • Investigating the functional and electrophysiological effects of applying electrical stimulation to the brain following stroke.
  • Investigating how magnetic stimulation alters the activity of neurons in the stroke-damaged brain.

Current / recent collaborators include:

Otago University and National:

School of Pharmacy (Rizwan Lab), Chemistry (Tan Lab), Pharmacology (Zheng and Smith lab), Anatomy (Parr-Brownlie Lab), Surgical Sciences (Prof Dirk DeRidder and Dr Divya Adhia), Psychology (Abraham lab), Physiotherapy (Prof Leigh Hale), Neurology (Dr Nick Cutfield); AUT (Prof Denise Taylor).


UK (Sheffield, Prof Peter Redgrave – retired), Exeter (Zhang lab), Oxford (Magill and Cragg groups); Spain (Prof Jose Obeso); Okinawa (Prof Jeff Wickens lab),  and in the USA Chicago (Tseng lab).

Funding sources gratefully acknowledged:  Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, BRNZ Core, National Science Challenge Ageing Well, Holdsworth Charitable Trust, and Neurological Foundation of New Zealand.

Reynolds Lab members Christmas 2023: Left to right, Dr Anurag Singh, Dr Ashik Banstola, Prof John Reynolds, Rakesh Bastola, Dr Michael Taylor, Alex Sweetman.